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Non-Profit Organizations present a unique set of challenges when it comes to technology. The focus for any NPO should be to keep their overhead to an absolute minimum thus ensuring the largest percentage of income possible is used to provide services. Selecting the appropriate back office systems can help the NPO achieve this goal.


Development and Fundraising Solutions

Usually the single most important system in place at a Non-Profit, the Development and Fundraising system generally provides campaign management, donor tracking, reporting, and reconciliation. Many platforms now include online donation processing as well.

Volunteer Management

Many Non-Profits rely heavily on volunteers to support events, provide services, and solicit donations. A solid Volunteer Management system will help the NPO with scheduling, activity tracking, expertise profiles, communications, and reporting.

Digital Marketing

Key to the success of any NPO is the ability to spread the message about the services that are provided and/or the funds that are required. With the advent of the Web and, more recently, the explosion in Social Media, digital marketing is playing an increasingly crucial role in this area.

Disaster Recovery

When a disaster strikes, people often turn to the many wonderful Non-Profits for help. However, those Non-Profits also need to think about what would happen should a disaster (Theft, Flood, Fire, Hurricane, Etc) strike them! C3 can help NPOs prepare for the worst and ensure their survival in the event that disaster does strike.