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K-12 Schools

Technology continues to play an increasing role both in the delivery of Education and in the support thereof. Teachers continue to push the limits of what is possible, while students continually test the limits of what is permissable. Administrators and Board Members face tough decisions on which technologies ultimately get implemented. C3 can provide schools, systems, and districts with the expertise and experience required to ensure the proper solutions are selected, implemented, and supported - regardless of the budgetary constraints.


Student Information Systems (SIS)

For most educational institutions, effectively managing the myriad of information pertinent to their student population is an ongoing challenge. Modern SIS systems can be web based or premises based, but all require a significant time commitment to ensure the system is leveraged fully, and securely.  Additionally, a properly integrated SIS system can provide the foundation upon which many other technologies and services are deployed.

Network Security

Every single School Technology Professional that C3 has spoken to has their fair share of stories about students attempting to break into ("hack") administrative systems.  Some students try to change a grade or falsify attendance records, others seek to purposely crash a system. We are even aware of one instance where a student gained access to an administrative WiFi network and was selling the Access Key to other students. Enterprising? Yes. Acceptable? Most definitely not. The takeaway is that school systems must be guarded with reliable and battle tested solutions.

Internet Bandwidth

With the continuing integration of the Internet into daily lesson plans, bandwidth can become a major challenge. There was a time not too long ago that 10mbps would have been considered excessive, but today schools are implementing 100mbps, 250mbps, 500mpbs, even 1gbps solutions. Managing this bandwidth requires higher end switching, routing, and security infrastructure.

Wireless Infrastructure

As teachers, students, and administrators continue to bring more Wi-Fi capable devices onto school property, the existing Wireless Infrastructure is often pushed beyond its breaking point. Access Points, Management Systems, and Strategies that worked for 25-50 concurrent users simply cannot support concurrent connections of 1000, 2000 or more. C3 engineers can help design and support campus-wide wireless systems that can.

BYOD Device Management

While some schools have experimented with 1:1 Student to PC or Student to Tablet ratios, many are now taking a page out of Corporate America's playbook and studying the implications of a Bring-Your-Own-Device model. A BYOD approach can save schools millions of dollars on equipment, but it also requires specialized software and hardware to ensure a reliable and secure experience for every child, teacher, or administrator.

Classroom & Lab Computing Management

In a typical school environment, the sheer number of different users that may use a given computer creates management headaches. Older solutions such as Roaming Profiles tend to break down and cause problems of their own. Modern solutions such as Virtual Desktops and Persona Management can be leveraged to ensure that each time a user sits at a computer, they are presented with a fresh, stable, reliable computer that is pre-loaded with the applications they require.

E-Rate Expertise & Assistance

Designing, supporting and implementing the latest technologies presents one set of challenges. Actually paying for those technologies presents another. Thankfully, C3's team is trained and continually updated on the Federal E-Rate Funding Program which can provide reimbursements up to 90% for qualifying technologies.