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Providers today are faced with higher insurance costs, expensive government mandates, and lower reimbursements. To counter these trends, the successful provider must be more efficient than ever before. This efficiency often comes with the implementation of technology solutions which lower overhead and increase back-office productivity.


Electronic Medical Records

The US Government has mandated that Healthcare Providers show "meaningful use" of EMR systems by 2015 or face a sliding scale deduction in Medicare reimbursements for each year until such a system is implemented. The good news is that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides up to $44,000 in incentive payments beginning in 2011 for the implementation of EMR systems. Whichever solution is ultimately chosen, it will likely have significant Server and Storage requirements - and C3's Cloud is ready to deliver those with no upfront cost!

Medical Imaging

The Healthcare Industry is unquestionably well down the path of transitioning from Film-based to Digital Radiography. These DR Systems require vast amounts of RELIABLE storage and a network capable of moving the large files (1GB+ in some cases) around without lengthy delay.

Patient Interfaces

Communicating with a Patient used to require making an office visit. Today, with the appropriate systems in place, Patients can use a home computer, cellphone, or tablet to schedule visits, query an RN or MD, review billing and insurance payments.

HIPAA Compliance

Passed in 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act has brought with it stringent and evolving requirements in the protection of individually identifiable health related information. Maintaining compliance with HIPAA can be a challenge, but C3 stands ready to assist.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

While every business would benefit from a proven (and well tested) DR/BC plan, the Healthcare industry is unique in that such a plan may mean the difference between life and death. C3's technologists can develop and implement a DR/BC plan that could save a practice - or even a life - by providing near immediate access to all records and information regardless of the condition of the building, network, or infrastructure at the healthcare provider.