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Country Clubs

Modern Country Clubs depend heavily on technology to provide both back office support and the white glove service that members have come to demand. C3's team of experienced technologists understand these challenges and can help develop strategies to ensure your club stays profitable and your membership stays satisfied.


Food & Beverage

Realiable Point of Sale (POS), Event Management, and Reservation Processing are key to the success of any F&B Operation. Link them together with the Accounting & Finance back-end for a complete solution.

Golf & Pro Shop

Golf and Pro Shop operations contribute significantly to any club's allure, member satisfaction, and most importantly, profitability. C3 can help select and support Tee Time reservations, Shop Inventory, and Point of Sale (POS) systems to ensure your Golf operations are a success.

Spa Management

Providing Spa and Wellness for members requires that the Reservation, Check-In, and Payment processes are all handled with the same ease and relaxation that the services themselves aim to provide.

Membership Services

Gift Cards, Reciprocal Club Relationships, and Rewards Programs all add to the experience of your members. Providing these services seamlessly, both in person and via online portals, is key to ensuring member satisfaction.

Accounting & Finance

While generic packages such as QuickBooks or PeachTree can provide basic accounting functions, a truly integrated system ties together all of the functional areas of the Club and provides a single source for reporting and financial management.

Video Monitoring

Video Surveillance systems have continually evolved from the hard-wired closed-circuit TV systems of yesterday to the newer digital systems which feature things such as motion detection, remote pan-tilt-zoom, wireless cameras, and online viewing portals.

Wireless Internet Access

With the rapid increase in Wi-Fi capable devices, most Clubs have been pressured to implement wireless hot spots throughout high traffic areas. C3 can help design and maintain an integrated Wi-Fi system capable of supporting hundreds (or thousands!) of wireless devices simultaneously.