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Advisory Board

The C3 Advisory Board is comprised of experienced business leaders from a diverse set of industries and geographies. This virtual think tank is tasked with providing C3 with the guidance and strategy necessary to ensure that our products and services continue to exceed the needs of a rapidly changing market.

Lawrence Ullman

CEO, Realtime IT
Toms River, NJ

Mr. Ullman is a former school administrator for curriculum and computer services and has more than 20 years of experience in the development, implementation and support of Student Information Systems. He began the development of a radically new Student Information System in 1989 utilizing an IBM midrange computer platform, and quickly grew the company to a customer base of over 50 NJ school districts. To leverage the functionality that Internet technologies offered, Mr. Ullman founded Realtime Information Technology in 2001 and now provides services to over 135 school districts with over 250,000 students under management. Certifications held by Mr. Ullman include NJ Principal, NJ Supervisor, and NJ Chief School Administrator.

Wyatt Wallace

Senior Developer,
New Hope, PA

Mr. Wallace has over 12 years of software development and database architecture and management experience. His specialty is in scaling up small applications to support global workloads. Most recently, he helped grow (then “”) from a small web site supported by a single server to one requiring 1000+ servers. is now the most heavily trafficked US teen site and 18th ranked site worldwide.